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Solutions to frizzy hair

Smooth your mane with some savvy solutions from New Zealand's hair dresser of the year Sara Allsop.

By Nicky Pellegrino

On the Weekly Facebook page, we asked for your top hair gripes, and frizz turned out to be a biggie. So, here’s award-winning stylist Sara Allsop with some words of wisdom.

What causes it?
If your hair has always been frizzy, then it’s genetic – wavy and curly types tend to be more prone to family history. If it’s been coloured excessively, then it can become frizzy due to the open cuticle and lack of moisture. Also, as we get older and start to turn grey, the texture of hair changes and can become more unruly. Generally, the longer the hair, the dryer it becomes at the ends, which in turn make it appear frizzy.

What’s the remedy?
Don’t have the colour put through to the ends of the hair every time you have a colour service. Keep it trimmed regularly. At home, use a hot tool, such as the ghd Eclipse. Since it has a temperature control, it doesn’t dry out your hair. It’s my go-to tool of the moment.

What about next-day hair?
Again, a hot tool like a ghd will help. If you’re using this regularly, apply a heat protection spray first. This helps prevent hair getting drier and frizzier.

Sara’s top tip
Always use finishing serums from the mid-lengths to ends. If you put them too close to the roots, they “creep” up the hair shaft and make the scalp oily.

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