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Nail know-how

Go for bold nails in stand-out shades designed to turn heads.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Nail tips for painting nails.

Always use a base coat before applying bright polishes:
If you have time, add a second layer as it will help the colour stay on.

Apply two coats of colour:
The first should be a thin, even layer. Give it two minutes to dry before applying the second in order to reduce the chance of chipping.

Mix the formula:
Roll it between your palms; don’t shake the bottle.

Don’t use a moisturiser, hand cream or cuticle oil immediately prior to painting your nails as it will prevent the polish from sticking properly.

Don’t blow on your manicure:
It's tempting to speed up drying – but the moist air may create bubbles.

Don't always file:
When you’re straight out of the shower (or after doing the washing up) nails will be weaker and more prone to breakage.

Don’t buff:
Buffing makes nails thinner. Instead, use a ridge-filling base coat, such as Revitanail Ridge Filler $16.90, to smooth out surfaces.

Use top coats:
Maintain your manicure by painting on a top coat every couple of days and massaging in cuticle oil daily.

Cut for colour:
When using bright shades, keep nails short and square with slightly rounded edges.

Use oils:
Before you remove a bright polish, rub oil on your cuticles and under your nails to help stop the colour seeping or staining.

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