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Happy new you!

By Nicky Pellegrino

Is it time to refresh your look with a cosmetic revival?

Don't forget to hydrate:

Studies show that women with well-hydrated faces develop wrinkles more slowly than those with dry skin. There’s no need to pay a fortune – even basic products will provide a protective barrier to trap water and maintain moisture levels. They don’t have to be heavy, greasy or leave a residue on the skin either. Try the super-light SteamCream $29.90 (1) – it’s designed for the face, but you can use it on the body and it comes in a range of pretty tins. Or Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream $54 (2), with extracts of an Australian desert plant that has amazing powers of water retention in dry conditions.

Always remove your make-up:

The beauty sin most of us will admit to is failing to cleanse properly, particularly around the eyes, and often because we’re too tired at the end of the night. Try removing your make-up earlier in the evening, before you settle down with a good book or the television, and prepare for late nights by investing in my favourite lazy-girl product: Almay Eye Oil Free Makeup Remover Pads $12.50 (3).Infused with aloe vera, cucumber and green tea, they’re gentle but effective. TIP: It takes one minute to cleanse properly.

Let it linger:

After wearing a scent for a while you can stop smelling it on yourself. So change between two or three different ones. When testing perfume, try on one scent at a time so you can see how it develops. It should please you on three levels: When you first apply it at its strongest, after 15 minutes – when the alcohol scent goes, but the top notes are still strong – and after several hours, when the top notes fade leaving the “base”. My favourites this year have been Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede $110 (4), a fresh and summery fragrance and Elizabeth Arden Untold $129, (5), which is a fruity floral with a hint of pear.

Don’t get **stuck in a rut:**

Make 2014 the year you break the habit of your usual make-up and update your look. Advisers on store beauty counters can offer quick colour consultations or lessons and makeovers. If there’s a charge, it’s usually redeemable on product. My picks are Revlon or Bobbi Brown. Revlon’s range is wearable and well-priced. Meanwhile Bobbi Brown specialise in lessons – you can even check out their tutorials on YouTube. Or else, invest in a new eyeshadow palette in more adventurous shades. Go for one with application instructions such as Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad $34.99 each in Purple haze (6) or Romantic Mauves (7), Revlon colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad $29.95 each in Free Spirit (8) or Sea Mist (9), or try Shiseido limited edition Eye Cocktail Bar $79 (10), with its nine versatile shades.

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