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Beachy keen hair

Prepare your tresses for sunny days and summer soirees.

By Nicky Pellegrino

It’s time to perfect a casual, summery hairstyle, ready for all the barbecues and trips to the beach that are hopefully on their way. So, invest in a salt spray and start tousling.

Making waves

Salt sprays are the simplest way to add texture to hair and achieve that “piecey”, “just stepped out of the ocean” effect. Mist onto towel-dried hair from the roots to the ends and work through with your fingers. Then leave to dry naturally, encouraging curl by squeezing or scrunching. Or gently blow-dry with a diffuser. You can tong in some random curls and break them up with your fingers, then add more salt spray for extra hold.

These sprays work for all hair types and lengths and are useful for a range of styles. Some can be a little drying, so be sure to use a moisturising conditioner first.

You can make your own DIY salt spray by mixing a little conditioner, hair gel and a few drops of essential oil with sea salt and water in a spray bottle. Shake it up and you’re ready to go. The more salt you use, the beachier your hair will look.

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